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English / General Description

Vinteo company was founded in 2005 by IT specialists from Krasnodar, Russia, who developed VOIP solutions such as PBX (Private Branch Exchange), voice conference server and others. At the same time the Vinteo team developed the own methods of integrating the codec and the SIP protocol.

Since 2009 requests for the development server of a video conference began to come to Vinteo specialists. The first commercial implementation of a video conferencing server took place in 2010 at Kubanenergo, JSC. Information about the new video conferencing server spread rather quickly and the first clients from Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Moscow, Novosibirsk and other Russian cities had contacted the manufacturer on their own, no advertising was required.

The first success determined the further direction of the company which since then has been focused on the development of a video solutions. In April 2013 this direction became the legal entity and the separate brand.

Today Vinteo is a unique Russian manufacturer its infrastructure solutions are used by medium and large companies as well as government agencies throughout Russia. Vinteo video conferencing products provide more than 90% of cases compatibility with the well-known video conferencing equipments of different vendors including outdated terminals. This was largely achieved thanks to the vast experience in the integration of H.323 and SIP; Vinteo specialists have been writing these protocols since 2005 until this day.

Vinteo products integrate with most well-known video-enabled software clients such as Yealink VC Desktop, Skype For Business, Polycom Real Presence Desktop, Cisco, Jabber and others. Moreover Vinteo develops customized solutions for the customer's requirements regarding voice and video.